Letter of recommendation from Coach Scanga

January 2, 2013

Dear College Volleyball Recruiter,

Anna Tomkins joined my high school team her junior year and had an immediate impact on our program. When we were in system she could not only set all of our options, but she also had a good sense of the best option to set. She consistently got to balls that other setters would have let fall and put up a hittable ball. Hitters were able to make good swings on her sets because she had good mechanics and soft hands.

Along with being an all conference player and captain of our team, she was selected by the coaching staff as the Jaguar Award winner. This honor goes to the player that best exemplifies the values of our program – character, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Even though she joined our team as a junior, she was immediately recognized as a team leader for her intensity and focus during practice and games. In our high school the volleyball talent is limited, but Anna was kind and supportive to each of her teammates and was able to focus the team on the next point rather than our past mistakes.

The one characteristic that you can’t see on film or in her stats is her love for the game. She plays with a smile on her face and she plays ever chance she gets. She loves improving her skills and trying new things, but she is also happy to help improve the game of the volleymoms or middle school players. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Anna’s goal is to play college volleyball. She not only has the desire and skills but also the love of the game. If you would like to talk with me directly please call me at home (919) 960-2985.


Steve Scanga
Head Volleyball Coach
Carrboro High School
Please contact Anna for Coach Scanga’s contact details

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Letter of recommendation from Coach Kate Ackerman

January 4, 2013

Re: Letter of Recommendation for Anna Tomkins

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Anna in her pursuit of collegiate volleyball. As Anna’s club volleyball coach for the 2010-2011 (15U) and 2011-2012 (16U) seasons, I had the privilege of watching Anna evolve not only as a player, but as a person and a leader.

Anna embodies the tenacity and motivation a coach hopes to find in any athlete. She loves the sport of volleyball and is educated in the sport beyond just her position or the mechanics of each skill. Anna knows volleyball: from referee duties to scoring details to the plethora of rule differences that flow from high school to club ball. This type of knowledge is what makes Anna more than just a volleyball player; she is a tremendous student and advocate of the sport.

During the 15U to the 16U seasons, one of Anna’s most notable contributions was her ability to enthusiastically and constructively quarterback our offense. Managing a court of female personalities can be challenging, but it is one Anna took to heart and worked diligently to find the most productive tactics to lead the team to success. She aggressively ran our offense and converted out of system passes to noteworthy points. Not only did Anna receive accolades from her peers, but also from officials, from competitors’ coaches and from spectators simply appreciating great volleyball.

Last season, the highlight that punctuated the impact of Anna’s talent and leadership came in the form of winning our 16U Regional Championship and Anna being named All-Tournament MVP. It was a very easy decision to choose Anna as MVP as she personified the expression “better the ball”; with every touch, Anna improved our odds of success and that type of unwavering stability is simply invaluable.
Any volleyball program fortunate enough to have Anna on its roster will benefit greatly from her extraordinary setting skills, her profound volleyball intellect and her consistent work ethic.

With great respect,

Coach Kate Ackerman
310.770.xxxx (Please contact Anna for Coach Kate’s contact details)
Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club

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